Muses feat MS HAJ et NBS 1996 KEM 900 copy


  • Miki on 2011-Dec-29 19:53:24 Miki said

    I never knew that there were so many different kinds of breasts!! This photo really "points" that out. Sorry for the pun!
  • KEM on 2012-Jan-05 15:15:12 KEM said

    Seems to be a 'theme', eh?!? but one best illustrated (I call it "comparison/contrast", probably from some vague, long ago art-class! -or not...) when we're blessed by a duet, trio, quartet of collaborators! -It's always something I/we do indeed seem to be in consideration of, this comparison/contrast, when working as thus whenever bestowed the opportunity within frame, rather than from image-to-image, individual-to-individual, separately.

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