K. Edward Mitchell Photography, Int'l.


The galleries of K. Edward Mitchell (or Kirk E. Mitchell) art photographer, representing many different genre of things, people, places.

Mr. Mitchell would like to express his gratitude for those individuals who have represented themselves through his, and their, creative ideals over the many, many years. Their collaborative expressions of individuality have melded with his vision, much to his delight and to the delight of his/their audience. He is also an esophageal cancer survivor (summer of 2007) and has now 'retired' full-time into the arts. He is a happily married 'housewife', and spends much, much time at liberty with his creative urges, as well as having a delighted penchant for his wanderlust. Although burdened by a 'reconstructed' digestive system, he delights in every day he continues in life.

PLEASE NOTE: in June of 2011 we lost the entirety of content of our server galleries; apologies to all those who haven't yet had their representational galleries restored; IT will BE (I work alone at this endeavour!) take a few years to repopulate the galleries! Please, and thank-you for your patience! -It would be suitable, also for me to use this 'opportunity' to go through many images again to re-edit them, bringing them into better realizations than have existed before. This endeavor also extends the time of re-creating the galleries, but I do indeed feel that it's a favorable thing to do at this time.

So PLEASE proceed to the collection gallery of favourites and items to hold you over, for a fairly comprehensive cross selection of various works from over the past 25 or so years. The other individual galleries you will find in other locations are currently in the rebuilding process, and are nowhere near complete as yet!!!

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